Cord Cutters Guide to Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 Online

With the Rugby World Cup coming up in September, you might be considering what options you have to watch it. If you’ve cut the cord on cable, don’t fret! There are plenty of online options to watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 without cable.

If you’re in the United States, then NBC Sports is the channel that has bought the rights to carry the Rugby World Cup. You can subscribe directly to NBC Sports Gold on their website and stream all rugby matches through the site. They do not appear to be allowing sign up for this service until August, but you can check on comparable single sports packages they offer to estimate the price.
If you’d rather use a general streaming service, there are other options.

Rugby World Cup Streaming Services for Cord Cutters

What you’re looking for in streaming services are ones that carry NBC Sports, because this is the channel that will have the rugby matches.
Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 Online without cable
Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 Online without cable streams


This is a streaming subscription option that includes many sports channels. It will cost at least $55/month and can be watched on several devices including iPhones, Android phones, and most smart TV devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Roku.
The focus of fuboTV is largely on soccer rather than rugby, but the channel is still available. If you are also a soccer fan, this might be the best option for you!

Sling TV

The cheapest available streaming option. It includes many sports channels and the lower tier plans (which include NBC Sports) only cost $25/month. Sling will work on most phones and smart TV devices. It can also be used with Xbox One.
The advantage of Sling TV is the large amount of channel customization they offer. If there are other channels you would also like to subscribe to, check their packages and see which would give you the best value.


In order to watch NBC Sports on Hulu, you will need to buy the upgraded live TV package. This costs at least $45/month. Hulu can be watched on your computer as well as on most phones, smart TV devices, and game consoles.
The main advantage of Hulu is that it is a wildly popular app so it is well supported and you may already have a subscription to it you can upgrade.

Youtube TV

You’ll need to buy a subscription that will run you about $50/month. This method will work on any device you currently use to watch Youtube.
This service also includes a variety of other sports channels including ESPN, so it may appeal to you if there are other sports you wish to watch as well.
If you are outside the US, you will need to check which channel in your country carries the Rugby World Cup and see if your favorite streaming service offers that channel.
Sports fans have long been considered the last hold out for cable cutting, but there are more options available than ever to watch your favorite sports games in real-time through online services. Even the most expensive streaming service is likely to be cheaper than paying for cable with an additional sports package.
Viewers can also check out the VPN options to watch Rugby World Cup 2019 here.
Hopefully, you find one of these options for watching the Rugby World Cup 2019 without cable to be workable for you.

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